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How to improve the fatigue strength of various parts of hydraulic wood grabber

As an engineering machine,Hydraulic grappleThe fatigue limit of the components is related to the service life of the overall machine and the grabbing rate of the engineering construction work. The destruction of mechanical parts due to unqualified manufacturing is the key cause of abnormal operation of mechanical equipment. In the operation process of mechanical equipment, mechanical parts are embrittled, damaged, etc. through the interference of several factors such as high temperature and high pressure. Therefore, in the production process of mechanical parts, it is necessary to strictly control the quality of the mechanical parts, especially the fatigue limit of the mechanical parts. Therefore, technical means must be used to improve component performance during manufacturing.

1. Minimizing the interference of stress on components is the main measure to increase the fatigue limit of components. Abrupt changes in the structural shapes and specifications of parts are the fundamental cause of stress. Therefore, in order to better reduce the stress, it is necessary to avoid sudden changes in the structural shape and specifications of the parts or make the changes as smooth and uniform as possible. Therefore, the arc radius of the joint should be enlarged as much as possible; the stiffness change at the adjacent cross section of the same component should be as small as possible, and so on.


Hydraulic grapples can use relief grooves to reduce the stress in the structure where relatively large stress is inevitably formed.

2. The use of materials with high fatigue limit and the heat treatment process and strengthening process that can increase the fatigue limit of the material are specified.

3. Improve the process performance of parts. For example, the surface layer of the parts in the higher stress area is processed to be smoother; for the parts working in corrosive substances, appropriate surface protection is specified.

4. Try to reduce or remove the original cracks that may appear on the surface of the parts, which has a more obvious effect on increasing the fatigue life of the parts than improving the material performance. Therefore, strict inspection methods and requirements should be specified on the design drawings for the key components of the hydraulic wood grabber.