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Maintenance misunderstanding of hydraulic pile driver in winter

Winter pairHydraulic pile driverSeveral misunderstandings in maintenance:

1. Improper starting method

The serious harm that can be caused by rotating the hydraulic pile driver in all directions: serious harm to the facility.

In winter, some drivers can start the diesel engine quickly and often choose an abnormal starting method without water (start first, then add cooling circulating water). This behavior will cause serious harm to the facility and should be strictly prohibited. The proper way to preheat in advance is: first put the thermal insulation quilt on the water storage tank, open the drain valve, and continuously introduce 60-70℃ clean and softened water into the water storage tank, and the water flowing out of the drain valve is hot when touching the drain valve with your hand. When you feel it, turn off the drain valve, pour clean softened water at 90-100°C into the water storage tank, and shake the engine crankshaft so that all moving parts are properly lubricated in advance, and then start again.


2. Low temperature load work

Can cause serious harm: cause serious damage to the facility.

After the diesel engine of the hydraulic pile driver caught fire, some drivers eagerly put into load work immediately. Diesel engines that have not caught fire for a long time, because of the low body temperature and high oil viscosity, automobile oil is not easy to fill the friction surface of the sports pair, which will cause serious damage to the facility. In addition, the plunger pump bomb, cylinder bomb and fuel injection pump bomb are also very easy to break because of "cold brittleness". Therefore, after the diesel engine starts to catch fire in winter, it should be idling for more than ten minutes at low and medium speed, and then put into load work when the cooling circulating water temperature reaches 60°C.

3. Don't pay attention to the body insulation, small pile driver

The serious harm that can be caused: reduce the working life, damage the diesel engine

The average temperature in winter is low, and it is very easy to overcool the diesel engine when it works. Therefore, heat preservation is the core of using diesel engines well in winter. In North China, diesel engines used in winter should be equipped with anti-freezing facilities such as insulation sleeves and insulation curtains. In addition, the water temperature sensor plays a key role in increasing the temperature of the diesel engine when it is working. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the water temperature sensor is working properly before the winter, and the invalid water temperature sensor should be replaced immediately.