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Understand the role of excavator olecranon hydraulic shear

The excavator olecranon hydraulic shear is used for unconventional crushing. It is a perfect tool for secondary blasting and cement reuse. High-strength alloy steel and special seals can effectively prevent impurities from entering, ensuring safety, low maintenance rate and long service life. The high-efficiency oil cylinder can effectively shorten the opening and closing time of the pliers mouth and improve the production efficiency.

Compared with the equipment of other companies, its advantages and structure, its opening size is larger, not only outstanding performance, but also can maximize work efficiency.

The oil cylinder adopts a specially designed sealing structure with strong power and durability, which greatly reduces maintenance costs. This product is made of high-quality materials, light weight, good wear resistance and long service life.

Lubricating oil is injected into each component through a special structure, so that each component is fully lubricated, and the wear of the shaft sleeve and pin shaft is minimized.

1. The hydraulic shear of the excavator is made of the latest steel.

2. The stable performance of the oil cylinder can provide additional power to ensure that the oil cylinder can work normally in any environment.

3. Breaking equipment (initial break) is only the first step in breaking work. In the initial crushing process, large pieces of recyclable concrete need to be crushed to make it easier to load and transport.

4. Crushing tongs are ideal tools for concrete crushing and an important operation for concrete crushing. The broken gravel can be directly recycled as building materials, while the steel bars can be used as road construction materials intact.

5. Fixed crushing tongs are suitable for secondary crushing operations, and can also be used for concrete material recycling.