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Automobile dismantling machine manufacturers explain the fuel-saving techniques of excavators

How to save the oil of the excavator without reducing the operating rate and the life of the mechanical equipment is a problem that excavator owners are more concerned about. Today, car dismantling machine manufacturers explain the fuel-saving techniques of excavators.

First, avoid idling the engine

Even when idling, the hydraulic pump still has oil circulating and fuel consumption. Assuming that one out of 10 hours a day is idle, if idleness is avoided, approximately 230 liters of fuel can be saved every year. Therefore, in the daily loading and unloading or excavation process, you can stop for a long time in the middle, try not to open the machine and wait for it.

2. Avoid pressing out heavy objects

When the excavated sand or rock is overloaded, the excavation will fall into a depressurization mode. Assuming a pressure drop occurs in 6 minutes every 10 hours a day, if the pressure drop can be avoided, approximately 840 liters of diesel can be saved each year. Problems that cannot be handled by a shovel can be dealt with in two parts, otherwise it will waste machinery and consume oil.

Third, reduce the engine speed

Putting the throttle valve of the engine in an economical position, although the engine speed will affect the workload, it can greatly reduce fuel consumption and improve fuel efficiency.

Fourth, reduce the rotation angle

Reducing the rotation angle of the dump truck during loading can shorten the operation cycle, increase the amount of work per unit time, and improve fuel efficiency. This is also a more effective way to save fuel.

Reduce engine speed when walking.

5. The faster the engine speed, the more fuel it consumes when driving.

Six, carry out high mining

The excavator platform is effective when it is at or slightly above the truck.

7. When the barrel cylinder is connected with the connecting rod, the barrel cylinder and the connecting rod are at 90 degrees

Each cylinder pushes the excavator with greater force. At the beginning of excavation, do not extend the bucket rod to a hard and large range. At the beginning, about 80% of the effect is better.

8. Excavation range of bucket stick

The stick is inclined at 45 degrees from the far side and 30 degrees inward. It is slightly different according to the excavation depth, but the boom and bucket are operated within this range and should not be operated until the end of the cylinder stroke.

9. During excavation

Dig both sides of the trench, then dig the middle part. This will save a lot of work and effort when digging in the middle.