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The initial running-in of the hydraulic feller is very important

Hydraulic fellerThe advantages are high rated loading quality, high bucket storage capacity, high dumping degree, total bucket width, good breakout force, large wheelbase, large wheel base, small ground clearance, and light weight of the entire equipment , The rated power is small, and the size is exquisite.

The streamlined shape design of the hydraulic feller is unique. The diesel engine of the famous national brand is selected, with strong driving force, reliable work, high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving. The working equipment is fully automatic, and the electronic computer is used to optimize the design, and the work efficiency is high. The new sealed car cab, Grammer seat, can be equipped with heating and cooling air conditioning, the actual operating environment is more comfortable.


Due to the interference of the processing, installation and adjustment of mechanical parts of new equipment such as hydraulic fellers, the friction surface is not smooth, the total contact area of ​​the mating surface is small, and the surface pressure is uneven. During the operation of the equipment, the convex and concave parts on the surface of the parts fit and rub each other, and the metal slag that falls off is used as an abrasive to participate in the friction again, which speeds up the destruction of the surface of the parts. Therefore, it is easy to cause damage to the parts during the running-in period, and the damage rate is faster. At this time, if overloading works, it is likely to cause damage to the parts and cause initial failure.

The running-in period is a key step to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, reduce the repair rate, and increase its service life. However, at this stage, some customers ignore the special technical standards of the running-in period of the new machine due to lack of basic common sense in the application of felling machines, or because they are in a hurry or want to get income as soon as possible. Some customers even feel that, anyway, the manufacturer has a warranty period, and the manufacturer is responsible for the maintenance of the equipment. Therefore, the equipment is overloaded for a long time during the running-in period, causing frequent initial failures of the equipment, which not only interferes with the normal application of the equipment, but also reduces The service life of the equipment was shortened, and the construction schedule was disturbed by the destruction of the equipment.