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What to do if the car dismantling machine fails to catch fire when working

What if the car dismantling machine cannot catch fire when it is working? We may encounter various problems when driving.

1. Circuit

There are many reasons why the car cannot catch fire. So how to determine that it is caused by the circuit?

The car's starting circuit failure is mainly manifested in the fact that there is no response when the ignition switch is turned on or the starting motor speed is too low. If these two phenomena can't hit the fire, it can be roughly judged as a fault in the starting circuit. Then, how to troubleshoot it?

2. Check the battery

Circuit inspection can start from the source. First, check the battery pile head, clean the battery pile head, and then tighten the pile head. Many cars cause poor contact and insufficient voltage due to the loose battery pile head. Conditional machines can use the multimeter voltage range to measure the battery voltage.

If the battery is not faulty, the next step is to check the circuit and follow the circuit of the battery to see if there are any broken circuits or loose connectors.

3. Check the relay box and safe

Then, check the starting relay and fuse box, open the relay box to see if the connector is loose, and then open the fuse box to see if the fuse of the starting circuit is burned out.

Of course, the failure of the starting motor or the generator will also result in the inability to start the car. Among them, the failure of the generator will result in the generator not being able to generate electricity normally, and the battery will not be able to replenish, resulting in a low starting speed of the motor.

4. Check if fuel is sufficient

First check if there is oil in the fuel tank.

A car with a good fuel gauge can see how much oil is in the fuel tank, but at this point, you can still check whether there is enough fuel in the fuel tank by using the fuel gauge or opening the fuel tank cap. After all, the fuel gauge may fail.

5. Water in the oil-water separator

After confirming that the fuel tank has enough diesel fuel for ignition, the next step is the oil-water separator. In fact, many owners do not have the habit of putting water into the oil-water separator every day. If the quality of the oil used is not high, it may not start because of too much diesel water.

The oil and water separator generally has a red buoy. When the observation buoy of the oil and water separator is in the middle, unscrew the water release bolt at the bottom of the oil and water separator in time.