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How to control the working pressure of the car scraper during use

When the disassembly tong hydraulic press implements component work, the system is required to maintain the necessary pressure or work within the corresponding pressure range, and some must continuously adjust the pressure in multiple levels or stepless. Generally in the throttle variable speed system, it is generally a variable pump For oil supply, use the speed control valve to adjust the required pressure and maintain stability. Appropriate opening and closing of the shut-off valve will result in different pressure formation and work can be done. This shut-off valve is actually a speed control valve. The internal structure of the speed control valve has a cone-shaped valve core, and the back of the valve core There is an adjustable spring leaf. Manually adjusting the spring leaf valve core and the pressure gauge can adjust the satisfactory pressure value. In self-starting, when the pressure exceeds the spring leaf behind the valve core, the cone-shaped opening will be enlarged. On the contrary, Will become smaller, and the pressure in the system will be balanced by the speed control valve.

In the design of the hydraulic transmission system of some dismantling pliers products, sometimes high pressure oil with a small total flow is required. At this time, you can consider using a booster control loop to get high pressure instead of independently setting a high pressure pump. The hydraulic press implements the components in the working cycle, and there is no need to supply oil for a certain period of time, and it is inconvenient to stop the pump, it is necessary to consider selecting the unloading control circuit.


When the pressure in a certain part of the system needs to be less than the pressure of the main oil source, consider choosing a pressure relief control loop to obtain the required pressure.

For the application of dismantling tongs, it should be adjusted according to the specific operation method. It is necessary to understand the basic principle of the operation method and system design combined with the specific pressure required by the material adjustment system. If it is not possible to clarify the basic principle of its operation and the specific needs of adjustment to adjust it will make the hydraulic transmission system lose its function.

With the improvement of machine equipment performance indicators and independent innovation in the field of mechanical equipment manufacturing, it is believed that the machine of the car tongs series will get a higher utilization rate, which will ensure the actual effect of engineering construction and have more environmental protection and energy saving effects.