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Introduction to the use and assembly of hydraulic steel grabber

  Hydraulic grabbing machine, As the name implies, refers to the machine for grasping steel materials, which is generally evolved from hydraulic excavators. The forearm of a large steel machine is commonly known as the "arm for grasping materials". It is generally long, usually in the form of a boom, suitable for long-distance grasping of materials and high working load materials. Its front end is steel, that is, grasping pliers, also called plum blossom Hydraulic grab, orange peel grab, its main function is scrap metal, industrial waste, gravel, construction garbage, domestic garbage and grab various materials and load operations.

Matching: lotus clip.

Working principle: The excavator has two choices of rotatable and non-rotatable lotus clamps. Four or five petals can be selected according to the needs.

Engineering Applications:

The lotus gripper can work in a variety of harsh environments. The unique jaw-shaped curve is particularly conducive to the handling of irregular materials such as scrap iron and pig iron. There are 4-5 flaps and multiple cylinders to ensure that the grip is large enough to ensure that the material will not leak.


1. Foundation pit excavation and deep foundation pit excavation construction foundation and loaded mud, sand, coal and gravel.

2. Dig and load one side of a deep trench or narrow space.

3. Steel companies, ports, wharves, railway ports, freight yards, stock yards, such as the loading and unloading, stacking and transshipment of scrap steel, bulk materials, scrap, wood, road slag and other materials.