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Why does the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic piling machine change color?

After using the hydraulic pile driver for a period of time, the color of the cylinder will change from blue to purple. The color is completely changed. The reason for the discoloration is not very clear. For many people, the following is the reason for the discoloration of the cylinder equipment.

1. The hydraulic system of the pile driver has high temperature in winter. During the working process, the piston rod is in a high temperature state, and is often in contact with the outside low temperature environment.

2. Uneven temperature control: Cracks appear on the coating surface of the piston rod during the electroplating process. When observing the surface of the piston rod with a high-power magnifying glass, small irregular cracks can be seen.

Three, according to different colors

The blue color is because the oil seal and hydraulic oil additives adhere to the cylinder rod at high temperature, and the black color is because the wear-resistant sleeve coating adheres to the lead additive on the cylinder rod at high temperature.

Fourth, develop the habit of daily maintenance, but if you replace the non-special hydraulic oil, it may happen within a few days, because the quality and performance of different brands and different types of oils and extreme pressure anti-wear additives are different.

Hydraulic Pile Driver Road Engineering Hydraulic Pile Driver is more commonly used equipment, its cylinder color will change through three colors of blue, purple and black, but its color change is not related to the machine, we should remember that according to the color change The reason can be solved.