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The hydraulic control of the hydraulic grapple is the key

The hydraulic wood grab is made of special steel, which is light in weight and high in wear resistance. On the same level, the grip is large, the opening width is large, the weight is light, and the performance is large; the high-pressure hose of the cylinder is built in to protect the hose. The oil cylinder is equipped with a cushion, which has a shock absorption function.

Hydraulic grapples work in a variety of harsh environments and have a wide range of engineering applications. Its unique jaw-shaped curve is particularly conducive to the handling of irregular materials such as waste and pig iron. Lotus has 2-6 claws, each claw is driven by an oil cylinder to ensure that the material does not leak.

Hydraulic grab is a type that requires two hydraulic cylinders to hold. The control of the two hydraulic cylinders is more complicated in the mechanical structure and hydraulic system, but its control operation accuracy is higher and more flexible. In terms of output force, it is easy to use a pump to obtain extremely high pressure hydraulic oil, which generates a lot of force when the oil is transferred to the hydraulic cylinder. Therefore, hydraulic technology has the outstanding characteristics of light weight, small size, and large output, which is conducive to the miniaturization and high-power operation of mechanical equipment and its control system.

The oil is elastic, can absorb shocks, and make the hydraulic transmission movement even and stable. It is easy to realize quick start, braking and frequent reversing. In practical applications, the hydraulic lotus handle is easy to control and achieve overload protection. The hydraulic grip is easy to realize automatic control, remote control and overload protection. Self-lubricating during operation is good for heat dissipation and prolongs service life.

In short, the efficient operation of the Lotus Grip is inseparable from the application of innovative hydraulic structures. If you want to know more about hydraulic grab products, please call us.