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Analyze the problem of hydraulic piling machine system leakage

Many friends will encounter when using the pile driverHydraulic pile driverThe problem of system leakage will bring us a lot of trouble. The following introduces the problems that should be paid attention to during use.

The leakage factor of the hydraulic system of the pile driver is the result of the comprehensive influence of many aspects. Some technologies and materials are difficult to fundamentally eliminate the leakage of the hydraulic system. Only from the factors affecting the leakage of the hydraulic system, reasonable measures should be taken to minimize the leakage of the hydraulic pressure system. In the process of design and processing, the important factors affecting leakage, the design and processing of the sealing groove, etc. should be fully considered.

In addition, the choice of seal is also very important. If it is not for the initial total leakage, it will bring immeasurable losses to future production. Choose the right assembly and repair methods, and learn from past experience. For example, when assembling the sealing ring, use as many special tools as possible and apply some grease on the sealing ring. Hydraulic oil pollution control is institutional. We must start with pollution sources, strengthen the control of pollution sources, and take effective measures such as filtration and regular oil quality inspections. Effectively cut off the pollution of the hydraulic cylinder by external factors (water, dust), and some protective measures can be added.

In short, the prevention and control of leakage must be considered comprehensively, and comprehensive consideration can achieve effective expected results.