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Understand the distinction between hydraulic pile driver and hammer pile driver

The commonly used hydraulic pile driver is hydraulic equipment in highway engineering, and has the same wonderful hammer-type pile driver, so many people will compare and compare which of the two equipment is better.

1. Hydraulic pile driver

1. The weight of the impact part is the basic technical parameter. The equipment is suitable for soft soil areas, so that the pile body sinks quickly.

2. Static pressure precast piles are mainly used for soft soil foundation and general clay foundation. In the process of pile pressing, the weight of the pile driver is used as the reaction force to overcome the side friction resistance and pile tip resistance during the pile pressing process.

3. When the precast piles sink into the soil under the action of vertical static pressure, the pile frame is a steel structure tower, which can be rotated or moved for pushing piles along the embankment or wharf. Rear hoist, hydraulic hammer, etc.

4. In front of the pile frame, there is a guide frame consisting of two guide rods, as well as the expansion project of the factory. The pile penetrates into the ground completely according to the design positioning, there is no vibration, impact kinetic energy and impact frequency, and there is no pile foundation engineering center in the city or dense Buildings.

5. The strength level of concrete can be reduced by 1~2. This method saves steel and concrete and reduces the construction cost. There are steam hammer, diesel hammer, and hydraulic hammer. Pile hammers can be divided into drop hammers according to the power source of the movement. The tower and the guide frame can be deflected together to drive the inclined pile.

2. Hammer pile driver

1. The pile hammer is connected between the two parallel vertical guide rods in front of the pile body and is lifted by a hook. The pile frame is a steel structure tower with a winch at the rear end for pile lifting and pile hammers.

2. The static pressure pile adopts the static pressure method, and the precast pile is driven into the soil pile by section.