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Understand the two pipeline methods of olecranon hydraulic shears

  Olecranon hydraulic shearsIt is widely used in the demolition of houses, house beams and columns and civil buildings. Mechanical, safe, time-saving, large opening design, convenient operation, small bite gap, flexible operation. Two pipeline modes of hydraulic shear.

1. The hydraulic shear adopts pure liquid control line

In order to highlight the working effect of hydraulic shearing, a two-way bottom valve is used to control the hydraulic shearing shearing and rotation. The installation is simple, the failure rate is low, the pressure, the large flow, and it fully reflects the shearing force and the speed of the hydraulic shearing machine. The control method is single valve and double valve. Single valve installation requires direct pumping of oil from a large excavator, but does not affect the hydraulic shear compound action of the excavator. The hydraulic shear flow and pressure are not affected. Double valve installation Simple but it will affect the efficiency of hydraulic shearing and make the shearing force and the action compound.

2. The hydraulic shear adopts electrical control pipelines

The installation method is more complicated, more parts, the control system adopts electronic control lever, easy to operate, but if the solenoid valve switch is not sensitive or short-circuit burning, the hydraulic shear will not work, if the valve block, the solenoid valve can also produce Flow and pressure adjustments result in slow hydraulic shearing action and reduced shear stress.