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What are the reasons for the high efficiency of hydraulic crushing tongs?

Compared with breaker, hydraulicCrushing pliersIt is more efficient, simple to operate, can be operated by one person, saves the high cost of manual crushing, and improves reliability, so it has been widely used. So why is it so efficient? Let's see.

The first is to open up and close and improve work efficiency.

1. Jaw teeth are a special shape used to firmly fix concrete blocks, wedging and crushing them for quick crushing. The jaw teeth are very strong and have high wear resistance.

2. The occlusal density is small and the operation is flexible.

3. Fully understand market usage habits, strengthen wear parts and structural parts, and double the service life.

Second, it is light and fast, creating benefits.

1. Easy to disassemble, hydraulic design, not only the cylinder speed is doubled, but also can be matched with ordinary crusher, one machine has multiple tasks.

2. Low noise, no vibration, meet environmental protection requirements, suitable for demolition projects in cities and high-tech parks.

3. A cover is installed on the hydraulic cylinder to prevent concrete blocks and steel bars from splashing.