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Understand the cleaning method of hydraulic piling machine oil tank

useHydraulic pile driverAfter a period of construction operation, equipment maintenance should be done. As a hydraulic drive equipment, the management of the hydraulic system, such as the addition and replacement of hydraulic oil, and the cleaning of the hydraulic oil tank, should be paid attention to. In hydraulic transmission, liquid is the working medium that transmits movement and power. If there is pollution in the hydraulic cylinder, it is a big safety hazard to the hydraulic system of the hydraulic pile driver: solid particles, colloids, cotton yarn and other debris will accelerate the wear of the parts; block the holes and gaps of the valve parts; block the oil filter, Cause the performance or action of the valve to fail; make the pump difficult to suck oil and produce noise, but also scratch the seal and increase the amount of oil leakage.

When the hydraulic pile driver works for 400 hours, the hydraulic cylinder should be cleaned thoroughly. Take out the oil drain plug, empty the hydraulic oil in the oil tank, reinstall the plug, take out the filter in the air cleaner, clean it and reinstall it.

Hydraulic cylinders are generally welded with thick steel plates, and there will be rust spots and solder paste and other flux residues after welding. Due to the special shape of the hydraulic cylinder, metal chips, liquids and other substances are likely to remain in the internal dead corners; during the pickling and phosphating process, the dead corners will generate bubbles and rust areas; in addition, the steel plate itself contains processing fluid and anti-rust oil, So cleaning the hydraulic cylinder is a crucial step. At the same time of cleaning, not only must the cleaning problem be considered, but also the integrity of the steel plate itself and accessories, as well as the welds must not be seriously damaged.

After cleaning, fill about half of the hydraulic oil into the tank, and then empty it again. Then clean the filler filter and put it back in place, install the screw plug and fill it with hydraulic oil. The air filter and its element should be checked frequently.