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What are the differences between hydraulic pile drivers and drills?

Many people have great doubts about the difference between hydraulic pile drivers and drilling machines. Why do these two pile drivers look similar, but why do they have different names? what differences are there? In fact, the difference between pile driver and drilling machine is still very big, we can't see the difference completely from the naked eye, so what is the difference between pile driver and ordinary drilling machine?

First, two categories

1. Pile driver classification: including drop hammer pile driver, steam hammer pile driver, diesel hammer pile driver, hydraulic hammer pile driver.

2. Drilling machine classification: Including spiral drill, punching stuck drill, down-the-hole drill, vibration drill.

Second, the purpose

1. The role of pile driver: pile underwater along the river bank or dock. Under normal circumstances, pile armor is a steel tower installed in the environment for pile hoisting and pile driving.

2. The use of drilling pile driver: This type of pile driver is usually used to drill and pile down where the guardrail is installed. It can be said that it is very suitable for small areas.

Three, the choice of pile

Under normal circumstances, the pile driver selects prefabricated piles for piling, and the bored pile driver casts on site. This method can be very precise and will not make the pile larger or smaller.

4. Walking wheel type

Pile driver description: Pile driver consists of pile hammer, pile frame and auxiliary equipment. The pile hammer of the pile driver is usually fixed between the parallel and vertical guide bars, which can be seen with the naked eye in front of the pile frame, and then the pile is lifted with a hook.

Drilling machine is a pile-forming machine that takes soil from ground piles or uses soil squeezing devices to drill holes, and then pours concrete into the pile. A pile driver is usually a machine that lifts a prefabricated pile and hammers it into the ground or statically presses it into the ground.