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Classification of crushing tongs

Shredder is a commonly used equipment in the industry. It is often used in conjunction with excavators in demolition and other projects. You may know this component well or you may have only heard or even heard of this term. The editor will introduce it to you from the perspective of classification.

Generally speaking, the crushing tong is a kind of equipment that is simple to operate, labor-saving and labor-saving, and it can also save costs to a large extent. At present, it can be divided into two categories, original and modified. You can easily understand the difference between these two devices.

1. Modification:

It is a pulverizer obtained after modification, which is generally modified from ordinary excavators used for excavation purposes, and generally speaking, the excavators used for modification are second-hand excavators. After all, they use brand new excavators. If the machine is used for modification, the cost is a bit high, and no one will buy a new excavator for modification powder. After all, people who can spend money on a brand-new excavator are fully capable of purchasing original equipment, and there is no It is necessary to buy a new one and modify it, which is too much trouble. Therefore, no matter from which aspect, it is more suitable to modify with a second-hand excavator, which can also greatly reduce the investment cost.

2. Original:

As the name implies, it refers to the fact that the new machine is a complete crushing tongs when it leaves the factory. That is to say, the machine manufacturer designs and produces according to its use requirements and standards from the beginning until it leaves the factory.

The above are the two types of crushing pliers and their basic introduction. Our company is a professional manufacturer. If you have relevant needs, you can call for consultation.