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Characteristics of hydraulic pile driver

In construction engineering, the pile driver is a relatively common tool, and the hydraulic pile driver is a more practical device in the pile driver, so what are the characteristics of this device? Or is there anything unique about this device compared to other devices? Let's take a look at it with the editor below.

1. Environmental protection: low vibration during work, no pollution, low noise, high frequency hydraulic piling, and the equipment is also equipped with a noise reduction power box, which can fully meet environmental protection requirements during construction in urban areas;

2. Wide range: Although it cannot enter the rock, it can easily penetrate the pebble layer and the sand layer. The high-frequency hydraulic pile driver is suitable for almost all construction under harsh geological conditions;

3. High efficiency: The speed of vibrating pile sinking and pulling is generally 4-7m/min, and it can reach 12m/min (in non-silt soil) when it is fast. Compared with equipment such as pneumatic hammer and diesel hammer, the working efficiency is It can be 40%-99% higher;

4. Wide range of functions: suitable for driving piles of any shape and material, such as steel pipe piles and concrete pipe piles; suitable for any soil layer; can be used for pile driving, pulling piles and underwater pile driving; can be used for pile frame operations and suspension operations ;

5. Multiple functions: In addition to the construction of thin-walled impervious walls, this equipment can also be used for the construction of various load-bearing piles, as well as special constructions such as deep compaction treatment and ground compaction treatment.

The above is about the characteristics of the hydraulic pile driver. Generally speaking, this equipment is still very practical, especially when it is constructed in some harsh terrain environments. It can play a very important role. While liberating the labor force, It also improves work efficiency.