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Safety protection work of car dismantling machine

The whole automobile equipment is mainly composed of a chopper assembly, a bearing housing, a housing support, a feeding system, a power system, and an electrical control system. It is mainly used for dismantling light and thin metals with a certain strength, increasing its bulk density, and facilitating transportation and reuse. Because there are certain risks in the whole process, protection must be done. The protection work is mainly to prevent broken metal fragments flying out. This kind of light is not well separated by the baffle, and strict protection facilities are also required.

First of all, the disassembly machine should be placed far away from the crowd, the construction site must be surrounded, the height can be determined according to the actual situation, and the places where the flying debris is easier to meet need to be thickened.

Second, set up special shelters for operators in the construction environment and install protective steel plates. A 10-12 cm thick iron fence is set on the opposite side of the material conveying hole, and the height of the fence should be able to prevent fragments from flying out.

When using the disassembly machine, we must take these protective measures and fully consider various conditions to ensure the safety of the disassembly. Safety is a prerequisite for all work. It is reasonable to produce under safe conditions.