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Introduction to the replacement of vulnerable parts of hydraulic crusher

Excavator hydraulic breaker has the characteristics of versatility, environmental protection, low cost, and convenient use. Since its birth, it has been one of the important tools in the construction industry. In order to improve the efficiency and reliability of the equipment, it is necessary to replace these wearing parts regularly. Below is an example of a seal, crushing the teeth and blades of the forceps.

Replace wear parts of hydraulic crushing tongs

1. Hydraulic seals need to be replaced every 600 hours in actual work. Usually pay attention to check whether the bolts of the hydraulic pressure clamp are loose, whether the connecting pin is excessively worn, check whether the gap between the oil cylinders is normal, whether there is oil leakage or abnormal expansion, if there are signs that the oil seal is damaged, please replace it with a professional.

2. Crimping pliers. When teeth are severely deformed, it is difficult to replace them. So every 100-150 hours of work, some wear electrodes should be added to the teeth to increase the wear resistance of the teeth, so that the front teeth do not touch hard objects forward to avoid damage.

3. Blade. Alloy blades, usually in the jaws of hydraulic crushing, have two upper and lower knife seats. The blade is mainly used to cut steel bars. If the blade is used to cut concrete or steel that exceeds the cutting range, the blade will be worn or damaged and cannot be used. In this case, the blade will be replaced.

The easy-to-damage parts of the hydraulic crusher include the front cover of the piston rod, the pin shaft, the tubing joint, the hydraulic seal, the cylinder support bolt, the hydraulic hose, etc. In the work of hydraulic crushing tongs, it is necessary to ensure that the equipment is normal to avoid some problems. Therefore, in emergency situations, these accessories should always be available.