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Causes of the flameout of the hydraulic pile driver

The failure of the hydraulic pile driver's components will cause the overall operation abnormal, even the flameout shutdown, but in addition to this, the driving skills of the pile driver operator also have the reasonable maintenance of the equipment, it is likely to interfere with the equipment The use of it causes flameout. Next, let's analyze what operational problems will cause the flameout of the hydraulic pile driver.

Insufficient oil supply. Generally speaking, when full construction is required, it is necessary to adjust the speed of the hydraulic pile driver by adding oil and reducing oil at an appropriate time. This adjustment is mainly based on adjusting the speed of the accelerator to control the hydraulic pressure. In this case, the pressure of the transmission system is used to adjust the power of the power head and the hydraulic hammer. The whole process is an energy conversion process. If the throttle is increased, the working efficiency of the hydraulic pile driver does not improve, or the movement of the frame The speed is also not improved. In this case, the ability of the diesel engine has not been able to achieve the effect of transformation. When the pressure is held, the diesel engine will stall.

In addition to this reason, there is also a failure to adjust the fuel supply angle of the diesel engine. The fuel supply angle is operated according to the movement of the piston cylinder. If the fuel supply angle is not adjusted properly, it will also cause flameout. In addition, The idling speed is too low. In this case, the device will turn off with a slight movement.

The unreasonable adjustment of the operating staff caused the hydraulic piling machine to stall, such as insufficient oil supply on the ramp, too fast braking, and fire in gear. Unreasonable operation caused relatively large damage to some parts. Therefore, it is very important to master the operation method of the hydraulic pile driver. The operator must understand the equipment and receive professional training before operating.