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Functions and characteristics of crushing tongs

  Crushing pliersAlso known as multi-purpose cutting machine, hydraulic clamp, hydraulic crushing shears, etc., it is widely used in the demolition of reinforced concrete of buildings and other buildings. In addition, it can also be used to bend steel bars and load them on vehicles. , It can also flexibly tow, transport and arrange steel bars and other building demolition debris. Let's take a look at the functions and features of the device together.

1. Function

The working efficiency of the crushing tongs is very high, 2-4 times that of the breaking hammer. If equipped with a steel bar cutter, the two operations of concrete crushing and steel bar cutting can be carried out at the same time, and fully mechanized unmanned operation can be realized without the participation of personnel at all, which greatly improves the safety of construction.

Crushing tongs can also reduce noise and vibration by squeezing to meet environmental protection requirements. They are important tools in urban construction.

2. Features

Now that the degree of mechanization is getting higher and higher, the emergence of crushing tongs has greatly liberated manpower, improved work efficiency, reduced construction costs and hidden safety hazards, and also made up for the shortcomings of other machines in certain aspects. The incident can reduce the occurrence of construction noise and vibration.

(1) Simple installation

The installation principle of the crushing tongs is basically the same as that of the breaker, and both are relatively simple. Just connect the pin hole with the pin hole on the front end of the excavator, and then connect it with the pipeline on the excavator, and then it can be put into use.

(2) Design concept

Maintenance is very important for any equipment. The crushing tongs produced by our company have paid great attention to the design of the oil circuit, which not only improves the working efficiency of the cylinder, but also facilitates disassembly and maintenance; In addition, our company has also set up protection devices for key parts such as the oil tank to avoid splashing or damaging the oil tank due to reinforced concrete during use.