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Causes of discoloration of hydraulic cylinders of hydraulic pile drivers

Hydraulic piling machine is a commonly used equipment, especially in the construction site, its existence has greatly liberated manpower, while also improving work efficiency and reducing construction costs. As a more sophisticated device, there are always various problems that make us difficult to resist during use, such as the cylinder will slowly change color over time, from blue to purple and then to black. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, let's take a look at the reasons that cause the cylinder to change color.

1. When the hydraulic pile driver is used in winter, the hydraulic system will have a high temperature, and the piston rod will always work at a high temperature during the construction process, plus frequent contact with the outside low temperature environment, which will cause the cylinder to change color .

2. Uneven temperature control. During the electroplating process of the piston rod, cracks will appear on the surface of the electroplated layer. At this time, if you observe the life with a high magnification magnifying glass, you can see small irregular cracks.

3. According to the different colors:

It turns blue because the additives in the oil seal and hydraulic oil adhere to the cylinder rod under the action of high temperature, and the blackening is because the additives containing lead in the spray in the wear sleeve adhere to the cylinder rod under the action of high temperature. Caused.

4. Improper use of hydraulic oil. For any equipment, maintenance is a very important thing. For the cylinder, replacing the hydraulic oil may be a very good maintenance behavior, but if you accidentally replace it with non-dedicated hydraulic oil during the replacement, the cylinder may Discoloration will occur in a short period of time. After all, different hydraulic oils have different performances, so be careful when replacing them, otherwise it will only be counterproductive.

The above are several reasons for the discoloration of the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic pile driver. I hope it can help you.