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Construction management requirements for hydraulic wood grabber

Most of the large-scale construction machinery used in the project at this stage is provided by third-party platforms. Some self-owned large-scale construction machinery is also authorized to entrust the third-party platform with professional qualification certificates to be responsible for assembly, disassembly and use. Maintenance. Therefore, as a user department, it is necessary to perform more stringent field application management on the use of hydraulic wood grabbers and other equipment attachments, ensure the safety risk management responsibilities of the large-scale mechanical equipment installation and use process on the construction site, and regulate the safe production behavior of all parties to avoid And reduce the occurrence of production safety accidents.

The hydraulic log grabber use department must check whether the relevant certificates of the equipment operators are valid, and provide safety education and safety technical clarifications to them, and confirm the working environment of the construction site (especially the layout of various underground pipelines).

The contract needs to clearly stipulate that the original installation and disassembly department or the installation and disassembly department with relevant qualification certificates shall be responsible for regular and regular inspections of the construction lifting equipment and safety protection equipment, slings, and slings used. Maintain and maintain, and keep records. If the use department of self-owned construction lifting equipment does not have relevant professional qualification certificates, the use department must authorize the professional qualification department to be responsible for installation, disassembly, maintenance and maintenance.

If mechanical failure or abnormal phenomenon occurs in the use of hydraulic wood grabber, it should be stopped in time, and the mechanical failure and safety hazard can be removed before it can be put into operation again. It is only necessary to further strengthen process management and strengthen management in accordance with safety production laws, regulations and related regulations, to ensure the safety of the use of large-scale construction lifting equipment on construction sites, and effectively avoid and reduce the occurrence of production safety accidents.