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Reasons for the weak output of the hydraulic pile driver

The hydraulic piling machine must be started with the help of a diesel belt, with oil pressure as the driving force, and the hydraulic pressure can be controlled according to the different stratum soil quality to achieve reasonable impact force to do piling. During operation, the effective combination of various operating systems is the basis for ensuring the efficiency of integrated piling and the normal use of all equipment. If equipment failure occurs, it will cause output weakness. The next thing we want to take you to explore is the reason why the output of the hydraulic pile driver is weak:

The whole equipment cannot be divided into many aspects. One is the sudden deceleration of the engine when the external load is large. This is manifested in the following two aspects: check the engine power on time; check whether the hydraulic displacement complies with the constant power output, that is, the speed is not affected. Under the precondition of controlling the swashplate viewing angle to reduce the displacement.

The second is that the engine does not decelerate when the load is large, and the speed of the system is normal; this needs to control the system pressure, because the hydraulic components used by the hydraulic pile driver manufacturers are different from the hydraulic system, the pressure of each hydraulic cylinder is also different. , Only need to control according to the manufacturer’s rules and standards.

In addition, if the pressure of the control relief valve cannot be adjusted and the relief valve is in good condition, it is necessary to check the control system of the hydraulic pump, even the cylinder block, valve plate, plunger and other parts of the hydraulic pump.

The possible cause of the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic pile driver to leak rapidly is that the safety relief valve is not tightly closed, or the cylinder oil seal is seriously damaged. These common piling construction problems may be caused by multiple reasons. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the operating performance of the entire equipment of the hydraulic pile driver and maintain and repair it as soon as possible.