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Reasons for failure of excavator vibration rammer

The power source of the excavator vibratory rammer is diversified. According to the needs of the construction site, it can be equipped with various brand models and specifications. It can realize the generalization and economy of the product, and meet the actual operation needs of the construction of multi-terrain engineering. Some failures may occur. Next, I will introduce the causes of common failures of excavator vibratory rammers.

1. The vibration intensity of the vibratory ram is small. The torque and rotation speed of the hydraulic motor of the excavator vibratory rammer are directly proportional to the input oil pressure, flow, volumetric efficiency, and mechanical efficiency. If one of them drops, the rotation speed of the hydraulic motor will also decrease correspondingly. . Most of the reasons that cause the pressure or flow of the oil entering the hydraulic motor to decrease are caused by the decrease in the efficiency of the oil pump and the transmission efficiency.

2. Vibration ramming oil leakage. There are many reasons for oil leakage of excavator vibratory rammers, which usually involve the structure and manufacturing quality of the main engine, the selection of the oil seal is not standardized and the installation is incorrect, the viscosity of the lubricating oil is reduced after vaporization, the mixing of debris or the accumulation of high heat during operation, etc.

3. Vibration ram does not vibrate. It is possible that the shaft of the dumping block is out of order. This situation is mostly caused by the welding of the dumping block. If it comes out of an axle car, there is no problem. In addition, it may be the problem of the electromagnetic clutch, and the small road roller of the gasoline engine. If the throttle cable is out of order, it may cause the excavator to vibrate without vibration.

The above is the reason for the common failures of excavator vibration rammer. I hope it will be helpful to your actual operation in the future. In addition, I need to remind you that reasonable operation of the equipment and regular maintenance and cleaning are to reduce equipment failures. One of the effective measures of the occurrence rate. If you have relevant product requirements or other questions about vibratory rammers, please feel free to contact us.