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Reasons for the high efficiency of crushing tongs

Compared with breaker,Crushing pliersIt is more efficient and easy to operate. It only requires one person to drive and operate, saving the cost of manual crushing and improving reliability. Therefore, it is widely used. So why is it so efficient? Let us understand it together.

1. Open and close, improve work efficiency;

(1) The occlusal gap is small and the operation is flexible;

(2) Fully understand the market usage habits, increase and strengthen the wearing parts and structural parts, and extend the service life.

2. Light and fast, creating income.

(1) Easy to disassemble and assemble, the oil circuit design not only doubles the speed of the oil cylinder, but also the crushing tongs can be used together with the crusher to accomplish multiple tasks;

(2) Low noise, no vibration, meet environmental protection requirements, suitable for demolition projects in cities and high-tech parks;

(3) The hydraulic cylinder is equipped with a protective cover to block the splashing debris of concrete blocks and steel bars.

3. Durable and cost-saving.

(1) The use of high hardness and light weight steel is strong and durable;

(2) Large opening design, easy and convenient work;

(3) Equipped with steel bar shears, two operations can be carried out at the same time to crush the concrete and cut the exposed steel bars, making the crushing more efficient.

4. Strong strength and high efficiency.

(1) The working efficiency is two to three times that of the circuit breaker;

(2) The operation of the pulverizer is completely mechanized, reliable and time-saving.