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Features of hydraulic grapple shell

1. The casing of the hydraulic wood grabber is mostly made of thick steel plates and welding materials, so it has strong durability.

2. The need to use machinery and equipment during electric welding and the technical skills of the actual operating staff will have a very large impact on the wood grabber, and the condition of the firmness level is also very different.

3. While the sandblasting machine ensures the quality of the surface of the product, it can also eliminate the stress of electric welding.

4. Special drilling dies and specially designed and conceived presses can effectively ensure the geometric specifications and styles of the product workpiece. CNC cutting machinery and equipment can ensure the quality of cutting and cutting products and product consistency. A full set of production and processing machinery and equipment can effectively prevent the quality of outsourced processing products from being out of control. The overall design style and shape are all applied with effective cutting types. The various components of the hydraulic wood grabber fit perfectly, and the overall design is intuitive and unified, and the atmosphere is simple.

5. The anti-corrosion coating material cleans the surface layer, flat and smooth, anti-corrosion, not easy to rust, easy to clean and maintain, while also improving the durability of the wood grabber, improving the quality and modernity in all aspects.

Under normal circumstances, the wood grabber is made of metal materials and other raw materials. Due to the integration of several parts, it can realize the functions of manufacturing, production processing, and operation under one or more driving forces. Relying on the concept of daily life, everyone always thinks that wood grabber is too heavy and rough, no matter whether it is design conception, production, or maintenance and control, it does not need to be too delicate. Such a method is obviously wrong. The shell can produce the maintenance function of the hydraulic wood grapple. Because the influence of the external force acting on the machine equipment is relatively complicated, it is difficult to ignore the design concept of the surface protection structure.