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How to install the crushing tongs

The crushing pliers are composed of a pliers body, a hydraulic cylinder, a movable jaw and a fixed jaw. The external hydraulic system provides oil pressure for the hydraulic cylinder, so that the movable jaw of the hydraulic clamp and the fixed jaw are combined together to achieve the effect of crushing objects. The correct installation of equipment is one of the important factors to ensure its efficiency. The following editor will introduce to you the installation method of this equipment.

1. After installing the circuit breaker pipeline, first close the circuit breaker pipeline stop valve on both sides of the forearm, then let the excavator operator start the excavator, adjust the throttle to the mid-range position, and step on the foot switch in the cab with your foot. Note: Release the bottom valve every 1 minute, and then step on it again for one minute. The stepping on the bottom valve should also be done intermittently, stepping on once every 3 to 5 minutes, and then turning off the flame. At this time, use a wrench to slowly open the oil inlet shut-off valve of the forearm. Please note: When opening, it is recommended that you stand behind the shut-off valve to prevent high-pressure oil from splashing on your body. A lot of dirty oil mist sprayed out after opening, this is normal, it is the dirty thing in the circuit breaker pipe. After the hydraulic oil flows out, pay attention to observe the hydraulic oil, close the shut-off valve after it has gradually clarified, and then turn the opposite side according to the above steps. Open the oil return shut-off valve to drain the oil. If the hydraulic oil in the above steps is still not smooth, you can hit the crushing tongs again, and then repeat the above steps until the hydraulic oil in the pipeline is removed.


2. After the oil drain step, the circuit breaker pipeline has been basically cleaned up. The next step is to strengthen the cleaning effect of the pipeline to ensure that there are no impurities in the pipeline. Take out the circuit breaker hose, use this pipe to connect the oil inlet pipe and return iron pipe at both ends of the forearm in series, and open the shut-off valves on both sides. At this time, set the excavator on fire, adjust the throttle to the mid-range position, step on the bottom valve of the circuit breaker with your foot, release it every 1 minute, pause for 5 seconds, and then continue to step on. The interval time for stepping on the foot valve is also three to five minutes, and then the shut-off valves on both sides are closed. At this time, the impurities in the pipeline have disappeared, and then install a two-way bottom valve to work normally.

3. After completing the above two steps, you can connect the pulverizer tubing to the excavator. Before the hydraulic breaker tongs start to work, it is necessary to check whether the hydraulic pressure on the breaker pipe is the standard pressure, and then apply butter on the oil injection nozzle of the lower cylinder. Remember: apply butter once after 2-3 hours of hammering, 15 times each time with the grease gun.