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The importance of accumulators for silent breakers

As a key component of the silent breaker, the energy storage device has a very critical function. It can store the working pressure oil in the hydraulic transmission system and release it again when necessary, which has a regulating effect. Next, the editor will give you a detailed introduction to the key functions of the energy storage device for the breaker.

1. Can be used as an auxiliary power source

Some operating parts of hydraulic transmission system operate intermittently, and the total running time is very short. Although some operating parts of hydraulic transmission system do not operate intermittently, they are in a work task cycle system (or one-time schedule) The rate difference is very big. After setting the energy storage in such a system, a smaller power excavator breaker can be selected to reduce the output power of the main drive system, so that the overall size of the hydraulic drive system is small, lighter and cheaper. .

2. It can be used as an emergency power device

For some systems, when the silent breaker has a mechanical failure or power failure (the oil pump of the running part is suddenly interrupted), the running part should perform the necessary operations intermittently. For example, for safety, the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder must be retracted in the cylinder. In such a place, an energy storage device with a moderate amount of storage is required as an emergency power device.


3. Fill leaks and maintain constant pressure

For systems where the operating parts are not operating for a long time, but to maintain a stable working pressure, an energy storage device can be used to compensate for leakage, thereby stabilizing the working pressure.

4. Absorption hydraulic shock

Because the reversing valve suddenly changes direction, the breaker suddenly stops, the driving force of the running parts is suddenly suspended, and even the emergency braking of the running parts is necessary due to human factors, all of which will cause a significant change in the fluidity of the solution in the pipeline. , And cause shock working pressure (oil blow). Although the system is equipped with a safety valve, it still inevitably causes a temporary surge and shock of working pressure. Such shock working pressure usually causes mechanical failures or even damage to the system's instruments, breaker parts and sealing devices, or even piping cracks. In addition, it can also cause significant vibrations in the system. If the accumulator is installed before the impact source of the breaker foot valve or hydraulic cylinder, the impact can be absorbed and alleviated.

5. Absorb pulsation and reduce noise

The pulsating total flow of the silent breaker will cause the working pressure to pulsate, making the operating speed of the moving parts uneven, causing vibration, noise, etc. Connecting an accumulator with smart response and small inertia at the outlet can absorb the pulsation of total flow and working pressure and reduce noise.