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Precautions for the use of crushing tongs

Crushing tongs have the characteristics of high work efficiency, convenient actual operation, and automatic operation. In order to better increase the service life of the machine and equipment, and ensure the work efficiency, you must pay attention to many problems when using it. Next, I will introduce you.

1. The long-term use of high-pressure tubing will become old, and users should check it frequently. During the high-voltage test, the leaking bump must be replaced. Secondly, when high-pressure oil pipes are in use, they should avoid discounts or sharp bends, and at the same time, they should not be too close to the rubber hoses to avoid injuries caused by blasting.

2. Before the machine and equipment motor runs, the manual reversing valve (three-position four-way valve) should be placed in the neutral position (the oil does not enter the hydraulic cylinder but directly enters the fuel tank) to prevent the gasoline pump from running under load. Start the motor several times first, and then rotate the reversing valve to supply oil to the system when the pump is ok.

3. Continuously clamp the concrete with high strength, and it will not break even after several clamps. For objects that are not easily broken, they can also be broken and separated from the edge to the inside point by point, looking for weak links, and breaking each one.

4. Before transportation, be sure to check whether the handle is movable and whether the ring connection is reliable. During the construction, there must be sufficient operating space to avoid injury or damage to the machinery and equipment.

5. During the crushing operation, always check the swaying power of the hose. If the hose shook strongly, immediately stop the operation and check the hydraulic pressure.

6. Non-collision use of the machine equipment will cause damage to the main body or breakage of the shaft.

7. Buttering is essential, and there must be a long-term plan for hard work.

8. Do not clamp the cargo that exceeds the load of the crushing tongs.


9. For machinery and equipment stored for a long time, pay attention to anti-corrosion operations and apply anti-rust agents.

10. Check the opening and closing from time to time. When the interval is too large, check the upper and lower clamps and the gap, and adjust in time.

11. The hydraulic cylinder should maintain a corresponding distance from the hard block of the steel reinforcement in the building to avoid scratching the outside of the piston and avoid damaging the hydraulic cylinder.

12. Before use, check whether the high-pressure pipe joint and nut connecting the hydraulic cylinder and the pump station are tightened to prevent injury due to peeling.

13. When machinery and equipment are removed from the excavator and stored, in order to avoid rain, the rear cylinder must be raised to store it in a room with low ambient humidity.

14. The hydraulic transmission system is no problem. The ambient temperature is 20-50°C. When the ambient temperature is too high, refrigeration is required. When the oil temperature is too low, a heating action or an unloaded idling gasoline pump must be used to increase the oil temperature.

15. The pump should be repaired once every six months. All the parts on the pump should be cleaned with kerosene. Pay attention to the maintenance of the mating surface. Do not bump it at will. After assembly, the movable parts should be flexible and free of local jams.

16. When the construction is suspended, the rubber hoses cannot be disassembled and assembled. Before maintenance and construction, clean up the connectors before assembling; avoid dust from entering the hydraulic circuit and destroying the hydraulic circuit and destroying the hydraulic pressure in the hydraulic transmission system. Components, such as pumps, valves, and hydraulic cylinders.

17. Before operating the gasoline pump of the crusher, check whether the oil level is above the center line of the oil standard. If there is a shortage of oil, replenish it in time to prevent the gasoline pump from being emptied. When supplying oil, use the 120 filter to filter out the impurities in the oil, clean the oil filter every 1 month, clean the oil tank every 3 months, and replace the new oil at the same time.