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Precautions for using silent breaker

1. Suspend the operation when the hose vibrates violently

Check whether the high-voltage and low-voltage plastic hoses of the silent breaker vibrate too strongly. If there is such a situation, it may be a malfunction, you should immediately contact your local office approved and selected to obtain repair services. Check whether there is oil leakage at the hose joints. If there is oil leakage, tighten the joints again.

2. Suspend operation (to prevent excessive air strikes)

If the stone is shattered, the hammering should be suspended immediately. If the air strikes continuously, the screws will loose or break, and even excavators and loaders will suffer bad interference. When the breaker has poor penetration or the steel drill is used as a crowbar, it will cause air strikes. (The sound of the hammer will be changed during the air strike of the broken hammer)

3. Cannot be used to carry stones

It is not allowed to slide or push the stone by using the steel brace or the side of the support frame. At this time, the hydraulic pressure comes from the excavator, loader boom, forearm, bucket, swing or sliding use, so the large and small arms will be damaged, and at the same time, the silent breaker screw is likely to be broken, and the support frame will be damaged. If damaged, the steel drill will be broken or scratched. It is necessary to prevent using a broken hammer to carry the stone. It is specifically stated that the steel drill is inserted in the stone, and it must not be able to walk when digging.


4. Steel drill cannot be used as a crowbar

If a steel drill is used as a pry bar when crushing stone, the screw and steel drill are likely to be disconnected.

5. Continuous tapping cannot be more than 1 minute

When hitting a solid rock formation, the duration of the same hit cannot be more than 1 minute, and then another hitting operation is changed. Long-term use of percussion will cause high oil temperature, which in turn will cause damage to the steel brazing bushing and progressive damage to the steel brazing.

6. For long, sturdy rocks, they can be broken at the cracks or at the tail, which makes it easier to break the rocks.

7. It should be operated at the normal engine rotation speed

When the breaker expands and breaks, the engine rotation speed should meet the standard fixed value. More than the engine rotation speed that violates the regulations will not increase the impact force, but will cause the high oil temperature to cause damage to the machinery and equipment.

8. Cannot be operated in water and mortar

Do not use silent breakers in water or mortar, otherwise the piston or similar components are likely to rust and cause damage. If you are working in water or underwater in violation of regulations, you should buy an underwater breaker.