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Operating rules for vibratory rammer of excavator

1. Vibratory ramming of excavators should be mainly used for compaction of bulk materials such as cohesive soil, sand and gravel, and cannot be operated on concrete roads and other hard roads;

2. The inspection items before operation should meet the following regulations:

(1) The components are well connected without looseness;

(2) The internal combustion vibratory ram has sufficient grease, and the throttle control board rotates flexibly;

(3) The electric vibration ram has reliable zero connection or grounding protection, and the cable surface has good insulation.

3. After the internal combustion vibratory rammer is turned on, the internal combustion engine should run at a speed;


4. According to the operating regulations, the excavator vibrating ram should be adjusted by adjusting the throttle, and the vibration frequency of the vibrating ram should be changed within the corresponding standards;

5. The internal combustion vibratory rammer is not suitable for continuous operation at high speed. Do not brake suddenly when the internal combustion engine is running at high speed;

6. The electric vibrating ram should be equipped with leakage protection equipment, and the staff must wear insulating gloves and insulating safety shoes. During operation, the cable should not be pulled too tightly, and the terminal assembly should be checked from time to time to prevent it from loosening and causing leakage. Operation against wind and rain is prohibited;

7. During operation, when there is abnormal sound from the vibrating ram, it should be shut down immediately for inspection;

8. When moving in a short distance, first lift the handle of the vibrating ram up slightly, install the transport wheel into the hook of the impact ram, and then press down the handle to tilt it backwards to push the handle to move the vibrating ram;

9. After operation, the mud, sand and adherents on the vibratory ramming plate of the excavator should be removed in a timely manner to keep the ramming machine clean and manage it properly.