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After reading it, you will know how the hydraulic pile driver works

  Hydraulic pile driverIt is a mechanical device that uses impulse force to drive a pile into the soil. Generally, a pile driver is composed of a pile hammer/pile frame and its additional machinery and equipment. In order to better increase the rate of engineering construction, there are more and more types of pile drivers.

Today, I will introduce to you the principle of hydraulic pile driver. It is mainly composed of the following aspects: drill bit/pile frame/drill lifting hydraulic cylinder, etc. The drill bit is assembled in the vertical slide rail of the pile frame to ensure sufficient energy.

During operation, the hydraulic valve is operated to control the access of the oil passage, so that the lifting hydraulic cylinder pulls the drill bit to the set height, and then the hydraulic valve is operated to intercept the oil input, and the main return channel of the lifting hydraulic cylinder is opened to make the drill bit Free fall, so the foundation piling operation is realized.


The hydraulic pile driver is lifted by the pressure of hydraulic oil as the driving force. It can adjust the hydraulic system according to the difference of soil quality, so it can realize the appropriate impulse. Therefore, it is more and more used in the industry field, becoming the future piling Mainstream products in the machine industry.