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Why does hydraulic wood grabber heat up?

After the hydraulic wood grabber is operated for a long time, the components of the machine have different levels of hot conditions. Some hot conditions are attributable to the normal operation of the mechanical equipment. However, the over-temperature of some components cannot be ignored. Timely application of systematic solutions is likely to increase the loss of components and increase the cost of the project. For this reason, we might as well first analyze in depth the heating phenomenon that occurs in the wood grabber and the countermeasures:


First of all, regardless of the long-term, high-frequency, and high-load applications of any mechanical equipment, the phenomenon of wear and heat will inevitably occur. When the hydraulic wood grabber is used in the acquisition, transportation, and loading and unloading of large items, the conditions faced by the work intensity and operation Long time and more complicated office environment, such long-term, high-frequency friction of machine access components will inevitably lead to hot conditions. For this reason, the lubrication operation is particularly important. Failure to do timely lubrication will cause excessive wear and reduce life. The timely addition and replacement of cleaned grease can reasonably improve and avoid the occurrence of the above-mentioned situation.

The high temperature of the oil in the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic wood grapple is also a kind of hot machine equipment. The main reason is that the heat energy is too fast or the heat energy is too slow. The oil inlet pipe and oil tank of the hydraulic oil pump are not tightly sealed, the air inlet pipe filter device is blocked, the pipeline of the hydraulic system is uneven, and the internal leakage of the hydraulic oil pump causes the hydraulic oil to form a large amount of heat energy. In addition, the internal blockage of the hydraulic oil heat pipe radiator, the excessive dust on the external structure of the heat pipe radiator, and the hydraulic oil not passing through the hydraulic oil heat pipe radiator are likely to cause the hydraulic oil to exhaust heat slowly and gradually increase its temperature.