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Storage of spare parts for hydraulic pile driver

 Hydraulic pile driverAffected by the operation of the ring mirror, the regulations on the method of use and the maintenance of the operation sequence are stricter than those of other machinery and equipment products. Because high-efficiency work is not so much related to the fine collocation of structural components, the storage and maintenance of parts becomes very critical. This requires users to make more standardized management methods for the storage and management methods of components. The storage regulations are to not interfere with the characteristics of the components as the service purpose to prevent additional losses caused by improper storage and the increase in operating costs of mechanical equipment.


The consumable spare parts of the hydraulic pile driver are usually stored in the warehouse before they are in operation, and the names of the objects are marked in detail, so that it is more convenient when found, and the probability of abnormalities is reduced. At this time, it is necessary to protect the irritability of the space to which it belongs, and not to touch other irritating ingredients. Use tin foil and other items to carry out the bag to prevent rust. Especially for fine parts such as fuel injection pump valve block, fuel delivery pump valve block and plug valve block, the matching gap is small, and a little rust will reduce the performance index and cause damage. thus. New parts that are not needed for the time being, do not disassemble the original packaging, and store them in a dry place with natural ventilation.

Rolling bearings such as bushes, copper sleeves, powder metallurgy sleeves, etc., should be kept intact during the storage period, and should not be mixed with other miscellaneous parts, special tools, etc., to prevent impact deformation and rust.

Rubber and plastic products, such as skeleton seals, moisture-proof rings, rubber dampers and tires, etc., even for acid and alkali resistant rubber and plastic products, should be protected from raw oil during storage. In addition, avoid exposure to the sun, roasting, cold or soaking.

After the phased work is completed, clean diesel oil is used to wash away the carbon deposits and other dirt for the used hydraulic pile driver components. After the pair is installed, the oil level is placed in a container full of clean car oil so that the components are not exposed. The contact between the oil level and the air is suitable.