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Unreasonable manipulation of excavator pile driver to avoid

Excavator hydraulicPile driverIn the process of application, many common faults are unavoidable, which are closely related to the manipulation of people's daily life. Therefore, people should avoid the following irregular manipulations when using:

1. Irregular use of gear oil:

There are many hydraulic transmission systems on construction machinery and equipment, and sufficient gear oil is necessary. When the gear oil of the hydraulic pile driver has to be changed due to its long use time and mildew, some people incorrectly believe that it is enough to just turn the oil in the hydraulic mailbox and fill it with new gear oil.

2. Irregular heating operation:

In order to save time, some excavator hydraulic pile driver operators will adopt an abnormal operation mode of waterless operation (first operation, and then cooling circulating water). The proper heating method is: first put the thermal insulation quilt on the water storage tank, open the inlet valve to the outside, and continuously introduce 60-70℃ clean and softened water into the water storage tank, and touch and put the water flowing out of the inlet valve. When you feel hot, turn off the water inlet valve, pour 90-100℃ clean softened water into the water storage tank, and shake the drive shaft.

3. Irregular selection of hydraulic transmission system:

The specification and model of the boom cylinder is 70/40 non-standard series, and the hydraulic seals are also non-standard, which has high manufacturing costs and inconvenient replacement of hydraulic seals. The small cylinder diameter of the boom cylinder will inevitably make the system adjustment pressure difference high.

4 The hydraulic transmission system is not standardized:

The control valve of the hydraulic piling machine of the excavator and the hydraulic steering system are connected in series with a single pump, the valve regulating pressure difference is 16MPA, and the rated pressure of the hydraulic oil pump is also 16MPA. Hydraulic oil pumps often work under full load or long-term overload (high pressure) conditions, and the system has hydraulic impact, gear oil is polluted by the environment, aggravated hydraulic oil pump damage, and even the hydraulic oil pump body bursts.