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How to keep the inside of the reducer clean in the hydraulic pile driver

  Hydraulic pile driverThis section of the applied steel rope is fixed on the crane drum with a wedge. Normal inspection, repair, and maintenance should be carried out at ordinary times, and the interior of the reducer should be kept clean. If it is drilled in the water, increase the viscosity of the hole pile mortar as much as possible, or throw appropriate clay blocks into the pile hole at any time. When the same function analysis is not carried out, the foundation settlement should be measured according to the standard, so as to detect different foundation settlements, etc. Index value. In soft foundation treatment, the key parts of pile foundation settlement are related to the time factor. According to the current understanding of soil mechanics, the key parts of foundation settlement are composed of sand deformation and sand rheology.

Fix it on the upper lifter of the drill tool of the hydraulic pile driver. Pay attention to the order of the parts when disassembling the reducer. All anchor bolt washers and parts need to be cleaned once. In addition, maintain the internal turbulence of the reducer during assembly. Clean; clean the car fuel tank regularly and replace the gear oil. The running-in time lasted for 500 hours during work, and it was dismantled and replaced twice after 3 months, and dismantled and replaced 3 times in September. The time for disassembly and replacement in the future depends on the situation, and other workers are strictly forbidden to approach the nozzle during the whole process of drilling.

The hydraulic pile driver can stop filling and rotating after the footage is 20-30cm, so that the mortar can enter the clay and the drill body with lubricating effect, and then cyclically press and drill in later. The state of sludge is well maintained, and the continuous hole collapse has been noticeable. To maintain the cleanliness of the reducer, the penetration rate is also significantly increased.