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Inspection and Repair of Hydraulic Seals of Hydraulic Pile Drivers

The sealing of the piston rod is a key component to avoid internal leakage in the hydraulic system.Hydraulic pile driverFor lip-type hydraulic seals, the lip should be inspected for scars and breakage. For the composition of the seal, the wear rate of the raised surface should be inspected, and then it is judged whether the hydraulic seal is applicable. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the static sealing ring between the piston rod and the piston rod is pinched. The sealing performance of the piston rod should be inspected for damage to the hydraulic seals and support ring. If it is found that the hydraulic seals and the guiding support ring have shortcomings, the hydraulic seals of the same structure and suitable materials should be used according to the structural form of the hydraulic seals of the hydraulic system to be repaired, so that the hydraulic seal can be greatly reduced. The thick oil slick between the parts and the sealing surface reduces the leakage of hydraulic seals.

The sealability of the inner surface of the cylinder liner and the piston rod of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic pile driver is the key element that causes the internal leakage of the hydraulic system. If vertical pull marks are caused in the cylinder liner, even if the piston rod is replaced with a new seal, the common Failure, the critical inspection standard tolerances and dimensional tolerances of the inner surface of the cylinder liner meet the technical standards, and whether there are vertical pull marks, the hydraulic cylinder barrel must be returned to the original for repair.