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Can pile driver automobile engine vibration be prevented?

  Hydraulic pile driverThe main source of vibration is the car engine. If you are willing to reduce the vibration, you can improve the balance characteristics, dynamic characteristics and installation precision of the car engine. Traditional car engines all use ductile supports to reduce vibration. The characteristics of the bearing isolation facility are: simple structure and low cost. It is usually installed on the architecture. Because of its supporting condition, it can be divided into reduced type and reduced type. Cutting type, pressure-shearing composite property, etc. Reduce the vulcanized rubber vibration damping facility because of its higher resonance frequency, which is only limited to the vertical position, and cannot be used in other positions. The cut vulcanized rubber vibration damping facility has the usual application scope because of its low resonance frequency, but its compressive strength is not high; the compression-shear combination comprehensively combines the advantages of the first two structures.


It is basically impossible to prevent the co-vibration of hydraulic piling machine machinery and equipment. In order to better reduce the vibration, it is all based on the lifting system software to reduce the vibration or the use of dynamic shock absorbers. The driving force vibration absorber uses a type of viscoelastic vibration damping material, and the kinetic energy damage will be very large. When the vibration analysis is transmitted to the vibration damping material, the damping material will become longer and bend, which will consume a lot of vibration kinetic energy, and the effect of reducing vibration is better. Moreover, it does not need to upgrade other auxiliary facilities and external kinetic energy, and occupies less indoor space, so it is a way to reduce the vibration and noise of the pile driver.