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Preparation of excavator pile driver in construction site

Infrastructure is a key link in construction projects such as engineering construction and pavement.Hydraulic pile driverIn a reasonable area of ​​housing construction, everything can work normally, and the use of it during work is safe, reliable, and simple. It provides quality assurance for basic design and construction, which can speed up the work process on this basis and reduce the allocation of project funds.


The use of hydraulic pile driver machinery and equipment must not only fully consider the elements that harm physical performance, but also fully consider the harm to the surrounding environment caused by the use of machinery and equipment. In order to ensure safe construction and speed up the work process, it is necessary to allocate the working conditions correspondingly before using the excavator and pile driver to start work:

1. Accurately construct the line according to the engineering drawings, release the center line and pile diameter of the pile, and carry out technical verification carefully. Only after the relevant department has gone through the procedures for the visa to go abroad, can the foundation pit excavation pile body soil backfill.

2. Before piling the foundation, the project supervisor shall carry out re-testing on the central axis of each pile, and the piles or negative pressure can be formed only when the requirements are met. After the bored pile is formed, the central axis of the pile shall be inspected. After the pile foundation construction is carried out, it is necessary to carry out accurate measurement of the central axis error and design elevation of each pile in the work inspection. The piles that exceed the allowable error should be reported to the design plan for solution.

3. The location of the working channel, the dock location and stacking method of raw materials, machinery equipment and engineering materials, the method confirmation of the infield transportation agency and the work of the road surface.

4. Power consumption, tap water, steam, pavement, communication, leveling of the ground and other "five connections and one leveling" work for hydraulic pile drivers. If there is a ramp on the construction site, the requirements for the reliability of the excavator and pile driver should be considered, and the soft places that are unfavorable for the operation of the excavator should be leveled and compacted. When working in deep foundation pits and bank protection, adequate drainage systems should be selected.