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When does the excavator pile driver use static pressure

There are many contemporary pile foundation construction projects, in the excavatorHydraulic pile driverThere are more options in the use of facilities to meet different operating conditions. What we are going to be familiar with now is the use of static pressure piling in construction with special requirements:


The usual excavator piling machine operation takes into account the efficiency of the operation, the quality of piling and the economy of the overall operation, whether it is hydraulic piling or vibratory piling can be used.

The traditional pile driver is composed of pile hammer, pile frame and ancillary facilities. The pile hammer is attached to the middle of the two parallel vertical guide rods (commonly known as gantry) at the front of the pile frame, and is lifted with a lifting hook. The pile frame is a steel structure tower with a hoist at the rear for lifting piles and pile hammers. In front of the pile frame, there is a guide frame composed of two guide rods, which is used to control the direction of pile driving so that the pile can penetrate the ground accurately according to the design orientation. The basic technical parameters of the pile driver are the weight of the impact part, the impact kinetic energy and the impact frequency. Pile hammers can be divided into drop hammers, steam hammers, diesel hammers, hydraulic hammers, etc. according to the power source of the movement.

The excavator hydraulic pile driver uses static pressure (the weight and counterweight of the pile driver) to press the prefabricated piles into the soil section by section. This method saves steel and concrete, reduces the project cost, and the selected concrete strength level can be reduced by 1 to 2. The reinforcement can save about 40% of steel bars than the hammering method, and there is no noise, no vibration, no pollution during operation, and little interference to the surrounding environment. It is more suitable for pile foundation projects in soft soil areas, urban centers or dense buildings. , And the expansion project of its precision factory.