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Daily maintenance of diesel hydraulic pile driver

In addition to dieselHydraulic pile driverIn addition to the usual maintenance during the construction period, the diesel hydraulic pile driver also needs to carry out maintenance on specific components according to the needs.


1. Fill the dial of the diesel hydraulic pile driver with grease before each shift. When filling the dial, try to open the oil nozzle on the other side. This will help squeeze the butter introduced earlier. Otherwise, it will be cleared. The oil seal in the deflector is crushed, and the dirty water with sediment is very easy to add and destroy the rolling bearing to reduce the sensitivity of the drilling rig's thrust.

2. Check whether the remaining oil in each fuel tank is sufficient, whether the oil quality is normal, check whether the gear oil of each reducer is sufficient; check whether there is an oil leakage problem;

3. Check whether the specific grade 2 steel rope is disconnected, and its connection is intact and reliable.

4. Check whether the elevator is flexible, whether the internal grease is damaged, and whether there are cracks, erosion, welding, and other damage to the strong parts of the steel. Deal with the problem in time, remove all uncertain safety risks, and ensure that the diesel hydraulic pile driver is always in good operating condition.