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What is the operating mechanism of a large hydraulic pile driver?

LargeHydraulic pilingThe machine is also called a bucket drilling machine. Use equipment such as short auger drills for dry drills and wet drills. Rotary excavation is a type of method in which soil layers are excavated one by one and continuously circulated. The drilling machine can also be equipped with long auger drilling tools, casing, driving equipment, bottom-expanded drill buckets and accessories, underground continuous wall grabs, prefabricated pile hammers and other equipment. The primary component of a large hydraulic pile driver is composed of on-site and operating equipment. When the large hydraulic pile driver enters the working environment, the control system is adjusted according to the luffing organization and mast. The overall adjustment of the mast viewing angle is that the drill bit can be drilled vertically, the power drill bit gives torque to the drill pipe and the drill bit, so that the drill bit can rotate, and at the same time, the pressure cylinder transmits pressure to the drill pipe and the drill bit according to the power drill bit to complete the drilling pressure. The drill must be drilled. When the drill bit is full of dross, the main lifting organization lifts the drill bit away from the drill bit and rotates it. When the host has a certain angle of view, open the bottom door of the drill bit, fill in slag everywhere, close the bucket door, return to the drilling site, lower the drill rod, and then put the drill bit into the hole.

The rotary drilling technology of the large-scale hydraulic pile driver is based on the walking function of the drilling machine and the mast luffing structure, so that the drilling tool can reach the pile position at a reasonable position. The bucket drill bit with a valve at the bottom is guided by the mast to place the drill rod in the hole position, and the drilling power drill device gives the drill rod a torque and pressure device according to the increase. The pressure is transmitted to the drill rod bit according to the pressure bit. The drill bit rotates to break up the rock and soil layers and immediately loads it into the drill bit. Then use the drilling machine to lift the equipment and the telescopic drill rod to remove the drill bit from the hole and unload the soil, so that it will continue to circulate the system and unload the soil until the design depth is reached. Dry or clean water drilling technology

It can be used for rock and soil layers with good cohesion. In loose and collapsible formations, static wall-retaining drilling technology must be selected.