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The hydraulic pile driver tipped over

  Hydraulic pile driverIt can be said that it is more common to encounter tipping. This is also the running-in time we often talk about. When the new pile driver starts to run, the hydraulic hammer is at a high point, and the center of gravity on the left and right sides will occur. In the unbalanced situation, if the user hangs the right or left tire too high in the air at this time, the vertical rod will be knocked out, resulting in the lowering of the right or left fuselage, which intensifies the unbalanced position of the center of gravity. That way the pile driver will tip over.

There is also a tipping reason, which is related to the use of professional and technical personnel. There is no problem with the pile driver. If the professional and technical personnel do not adjust the pile driver well, or the application is not skilled, and the construction site is not clear, A tipping situation is very likely.

Regarding this matter, whether it is a pile driver or other construction machinery, if you want to use it efficiently and ensure the safety factor of the construction project, you need to use an inclined plate suitable for transportation vehicles or construction machinery. The angle is set to be less than 15 degrees.

To improve the management of the building on the spot, in addition to prohibiting others from entering the work area, there is also a need for work directors on the spot. Discuss the work sequence and methods in advance, and then clearly inform the relevant professional and technical personnel.


Construction companies should pay attention to high-level assembly professionals. When professional and technical personnel are on duty, they should also do a good job of professional and technical personnel business training, so that they can fully grasp the specifications and models, structural features and assembly procedures of the new facility. After all, due to the progress of Chinese construction companies, there are more and more new construction machinery and equipment. Only by pioneering and innovating, immediately familiarizing and grasping the characteristics of the new facilities can ensure the quality of assembly. Naturally, professional and technical personnel should also continue to accumulate experience in their work and do a good job report, so as to comprehensively improve the safety and quality of construction machinery and equipment.