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Precautions for the operation of hydraulic pile driver on highway

Edit:Yantai Hawk Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd.UpDate:2021-09-23

high wayHydraulic pile driverThe operation affects the waterproof and reliability of the operation, which is one of the core steps of building construction. Pay attention to the following operation regulations at the construction site:

(1) The hydraulic pile driver for expressway uses crawler excavators for driving. Before driving, you must understand the condition of underground pipelines and buildings, and release the center line of the supporting pile accurately.

(2) Before piling, check the highway hydraulic pile driver one by one to remove the rust and obvious deformation of the connection buckle. The highway hydraulic pile driver can only be used after the repair and integration. use.

(3) Before piling, grease can be applied to the lock of the highway hydraulic pile driver to facilitate the driving and pulling out of the highway hydraulic pile driver.

(4) During the insertion and driving process of the highway hydraulic pile driver, the inclination of each pile shall not exceed 2% with the inspection and supervision. When the deflection is too large and cannot be adjusted by the straightening method, it must be lifted and driven.

(5) Close tightly and ensure that the soil is not less than 2 meters after excavation, and ensure that the highway hydraulic piling machine is closed smoothly; especially the four corners of the inspection well should be used for the corner highway hydraulic piling machine. If there is no such type of highway hydraulic piling The machine is sealed with auxiliary measures such as waste tires or rotten cloth plugging seams to prevent the ground from sinking due to water leakage and sand.

(6) In order to better prevent the lateral soil pressure from squeezing the highway hydraulic piling machine after the excavation of the pipe trench earthwork, after the highway hydraulic piling machine is completed, use H200*200*11*19mm I-beam steel Connect the highway hydraulic pile drivers on both sides of the open channel into a whole. The position is about 1.5m below the top of the pile. Weld them firmly with an electric welding rod, and then use hollow circular steel (200*12mm) every 5 meters. , The special movable section will symmetrically load the highway hydraulic pile drivers on both sides. The nuts of the movable joints must be tightened during loading to ensure the verticality of the highway hydraulic pile driver and the trench excavation face.

(7) During the excavation of the basic trench, observe the transition status of the highway hydraulic pile driver at any time. If there is an obvious overturning or uplifting state, increase the symmetrical load on the overturned or uplifted part in time.